Let us help you remodel the bathroom of your dreams with our selection of countertops, flooring and cabinets.

Home Design and Supply in West Fargo, N.D. is the best choice for your next bathroom remodel. Our dedicated staff will help to guide you through the stressful, time consuming design and construction process and provide you with all of the materials you need.

Our custom bathroom vanities and cabinets will fit right into your home. At Home Design and Supply, we are bathroom cabinets experts.

Deciding which height to place many of the room’s essentials is one of the most difficult parts of a bathroom remodel. Let us help you pick the perfect height for your towel racks, shelves and bathroom cabinets and make your bathroom functionally fantastic.

Most bathroom design experts agree that the easiest, most efficient material for a bathroom floor is porcelain or ceramic tiles. Have no regrets, ceramic tiles are more effective in repealing excess water than porous natural stones, like limestone. Keep your bathroom dry and stain free with our selection of ceramic tiles. If you are more concerned about choosing a surface that is less slippery, try going for smaller tiles with larger grout lines to add a little texture and grip to your bathroom.

Picking the perfect material for your countertops can be confusing. Our custom bathroom vanities come in an array of different materials that will fit your unique needs and preferences.

Quartz The flaws are engineered out of quartz when it is made. It is designed with eco-friendly intentions and only uses waste materials instead of new materials. It is is ideal for rigorous conditions.

Granite One of the most popular choices for countertop material, granite countertops will last a lifetime and are easy to maintain. Granite needs to be sealed upon installation.

Corian A non-porous, stain resistant and seamless fabrication. Corian can be flexible to any surface when heated.

Laminate Easy to install and extremely affordable, laminate is a fantastic option for a bathroom countertop material.

Cultured Marble A porous stone, marble has to be cleaned and sealed regularly to maintain its high-end sheen. Best for homes going for the most elegant style.

Our shower installation services will make the process of getting a new shower much easier than it sounds. Picking the right type of flooring for your shower will protect your home from wear, tear and mold. Ceramic tile is not only significantly easier to maintain, but more long lasting than many floor types that function in a shower. Make your shower feel like an oasis every time you step inside, the next time that you remodel your bathroom.

Add a little sparkle to your sink or shower with a tile backsplash. Our wide variety of shapes and styles of backsplash tiles are guaranteed to add class and flare during your next bathroom remodel. Although a tile backsplash is usually considered a purely decorative element to a bathroom, they have become more and more popular in recent years. A definitive throwback to the mosaics of ancient Greece and Rome, they add a sophisticated elegance to any room. Glass and ceramic backsplash tiles are also very easy to clean and require a low amount of consistent maintenance.

Picking the right bathroom flooring during your next bathroom remodel is an incredibly important decision and requires a choice that is not only beautiful, but practical. Some main things to think about, in order to pick the right flooring type is your budget, how long you plan on living in your space and what is important to you. If you’re more geared towards an elegant design, ceramic tiles might be the best choice for flooring. However, if you’re looking for durability in a consistently wet bathroom, vinyl or laminate flooring are the best ways to go. Our friendly staff will help you through this tough decision and show you all of your options for beautiful flooring that will keep moisture out of your home.

Call Home Design and Supply in West Fargo, N.D. today to get the support, materials and installation you need for your next bathroom remodel. Our design showroom and lumberyard are sure to have everything required to make your bathroom as unique as you are.

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